Chameleon Pearls

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Call them colorshifts. Call them chameleon pearls. Call them flip-flop pearls — the truth is, it’s hard to describe this ever-changing effect in words. You can give any project a holographic finish just by mixing in some of our ResinGuy™ chameleon pearls.

Add these color-changing pigments to epoxy resin items for dramatic results you can’t ignore. Make your own nail polish, glam up your homemade soap, or create slime that’s otherworldly. Our color-shifting pigment powders come in different tones for the ultimate variety.

Whatever your creative medium, ResinGuy™ pigments always demand a second look. Watch your works take on different appearances from different angles—they seem to glow and move. Choose color-shifting pigment powders today and see for yourself how your projects come alive.

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