Lemon Yellow


Comes in 16g resealable pouch

Open the pouch, pour into your epoxy resin & mix

1 pouch per gallon

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Lemon Yellow Powder Pigment

Lemon-lime color powder pigment. Comes in 16g resealable pouch. Open the pouch, pour into your epoxy resin & mix


Our popular mica powder pearl is ideal for DIY craft use, such as, epoxy, resin, woodworking, pen blanks, plastics, slime, watercolors, cosmetics, fishing lures, bath bombs, jewelry, melt and pour, lip balm, acrylic, polish, candle making, and MUCH more.

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Firearm (Cerakote) Ratios
Our pigments can be used for both Cerakote and KG Gunkote clears. Below are just some references.
    • 5 grams of pigment per 4oz
    • Typically recommend a black base. For light colored pigments such as yellows, pinks, etc. you may want to try a light colored base. ALWAYS test before full application.
    • 3 coats for full saturation. Some colors may require less.
    • Stay with pigments with a 10-60µm micron size. All particle sizes are listed on our product pages.
    • Recommend using a .80 spray nozzle. Some use 1.0 for clears.
Cosmetics & Nail Polish
Lotions - 1-5% By Weight Lipstick And Pigmented Lipgloss - 5-10% By Weight Eyeshadow - 15-80% By Weight Nail Polish - 5-25% By Weight Shampoo - 0.1-2% By Weight
Graphic Inks & Screen Printing Ratios
Flexographic Inks (Packing Materials) - 15-25% By Weight Offset Printing Ink - 5-10% By Weight Screen Printing And Screen Inks - 10-30% By Weight Textile Printing And Textile Inks And Pastes - 5-10% By Weight Gravure Inks - 5-15% By Weight
Automotive & Peelable Paint
Peelable Automotive Coatings (Plasti Dip, HaloEFX, P1Coatings, Pro Line, Autoflex, Etc.) - 50 Grams Per Gallon Standard Automotive Clears - 25 Grams Per Quart Appliance Paint And Coatings - 25 Grams Per Quart Architectural Coatings (Interior And Exterior) - 10-20% By Weight Wall Paper And Other Architectural Paper Coatings - 1-5% By Weight Peelable Coatings: ◦ The majority of our pigments can be sprayed through a 1.2 tip ◦ Be aware of the micron size. The larger the particle you may have to go to a larger tip. ◦ The pigments can be mixed with the base color or mixed into the clear and sprayed over the base color. ◦ The base color may impact the overall color of the pigment. ◦ Light colored pigments yellows, pinks, etc., we recommend using a white base or a like colored base. ◦ Dark colored pigments, we recommend using a black or dark colored base Automotive Paint: ◦ The majority of our pigments can and have been used for automotive. ◦ The majority of our pigments can be sprayed through a 1.2 tip ◦ Three ways to use our pigments for spraying: ◦ Mix directly into the base color to create a unique blend ◦ Mix and spray with your mid clear over the base color ◦ Mix and spray with your top coat. Typically we do not recommend this due to the possibilities of striping. Also, we use the top coat as a UV protector or possible sanding of the top coat, etc.
Soap Ratios
Cold process - 2 tsp per lb of oils Hot process - ½ tsp lb of MP base
Epoxy Ratios
Epoxy : 1 gram per 8 ounces The most common question that we receive is “How much pigment per gallon of epoxy?” This is a very valid question and unfortunately there is no set answer due to the numerous types of applications and variations. This is why we sell our product pre-portioned at 1g per 8oz. For example: Are you looking for an opaque or transparent look? Lighter colors may take more pigment to achieve the color. Why micron sizes matter: PLEASE be aware of the micron sizes of the pigment. The larger the micron, the larger the particle. Typical pigments average 10-60µm. Be aware that larger micron sized pigments will most likely have a heavier density which will cause the pigment to sink faster in fresh epoxy such as deep pours. For example, our Sparkling Ice White is 700µm and will most likely sink in fresh epoxy faster. To alleviate sinking either let the epoxy settle up a little bit or come back through your project to “stir” it a little more.
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lemon yellow pearl pigmentlemon yellow pearl pigmentLemon Yellow
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